Advantages and Disadvantages of Flutter App Development

What is Flutter?

Google’s Flutter is an open-source UI toolkit that enables programmers to create both mobile and web applications using a single codebase. To say that Flutter arrived and conquered is not an exaggeration. If you knew that there were a ton of Flutter apps available in the Google Play market as of mid-2022, you might believe this. Additionally, it is clear from the GitHub and Stack Overflow forums that developers are falling more and more in love with the framework, particularly with its cross-platform app development environment.

Despite being a relatively new framework, flutter has gained a lot of attention and is proven to be a formidable rival to React Native.

Flutter does, however, have advantages and disadvantages, just like any other product.

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Flutter Advantages

Single Code for any device

Flutter is a framework with a single codebase, so you may use it as needed for IOS, Android, or web projects. This might seem like simply another cross-platform framework, but wait until you experience how simple the flutter process is and how gorgeous the outcomes are.

The creation of prototypes is now much simpler because to flutter’s custom widgets, which is another feature that sets it apart. The concept of creating apps that can run on any device is being introduced by Flutter. In other words, Google has brought ambient computing to life.

Make changes on the go

The burden of having to reboot the entire system to make simple changes has virtually been forgotten by developers thanks to the Flutter app development platform. With the help of Flutter’s hot load feature, developers can make changes to their apps without having to restart it and watch the changes take effect immediately. This has helped developers test new ideas more quickly and successfully while also saving them hours of work and maintaining their sanity.

Quick Development

The faster is better in the current digital marketplace competitiveness. More hours can be saved by using Flutter to create your apps than by using a typical native one.

Flutter is speedier because of its single codebase feature. Aside from the hot reload capability that flutter provides, writing just one piece of code for a variety of platforms would save a tremendous amount of time. Because the developer can make changes while they are being tested, which would normally be a tedious process, this is a magical feature that helps the programme be released weeks earlier.

The Dart app programming language that Flutter employs is another aspect that speeds up development. With no classes in other classes, the language is substantially simpler. Flutter accelerates app development through simple access control, straightforward numeric enums, async/await keywords, and effective code style.

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Easy Maintenance with simultaneous Android and IOS updates

Since there is only one code for both the Android and iOS apps in a flutter, updates can be released simultaneously for both platforms. As there is only one team of developers working on the code, this also makes it simple to maintain the app.

With flutter, app maintenance and bug fixing are made simpler. You could even do the adjustments internally without the assistance of the development team or with the assistance of only one developer.

Fuschia support for Future-ready apps

The most talked-about upcoming operating system that Google is allegedly developing is called Fuschia. Fuschia is anticipated to overtake Android in the near future. Even though there isn’t much information available, you shouldn’t be concerned about this modification if you use Flutter. Fuschia will be compatible with Flutter apps, so all you have to do on release day is deploy your apps while they are still considering the changes.

Better Adaptability with Flutter

Although there are already a variety of screen sizes and aspect ratios available in current smartphones, new gadgets are being introduced with flip screens and foldable panels. It is difficult to adapt an app to all these different screen sizes. However, this is rather simple with flutter. Their layout methodology allows them to fit your software into any screen size range.

Leverage Device Hardware

Mobile apps are well-liked for the engaging experience they provide by utilising the capabilities of the device. Cross-platform applications do not, however, have the same level of hardware support that native apps have for the device’s camera, GPS, and other features. Flutter can help you get through this.

Developers that create flutter mobile apps must write their code in swift or kotlin and deliver the data to Dart through designated channels known as platform channels. You don’t have to start from scratch because Flutter has already built channels for the most of the functions of typical smartphones and made it available to the developer community.

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Flutter Disadvantages

It has more pros than cons, however, there are a few limitations that are present currently. They are listed below. 

Getting the Platform Specific feel

It is not possible to get specific looks for particular platforms because a single code is utilised for all of them. On purists expecting material design for Android and iOS, this might be a no.

Different scripts must be created for each platform if you wish to construct specific designs.

It is young and new

Flutter is a child. It might change into something with which we disagree. Flutter, on the other hand, is from Google, therefore it is anticipated to constantly be up to date and pertinent.

Late updates on IOS and Android

Updates for Android and iOS are first released to their native apps, then to Flutter. This is not a major drawback, though, as functionality cannot be added right away even in native programmes.

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Big File Size

Flutter apps are large on other platforms, which is a drawback because no one wants an app that is heavy and takes up a lot of room on their phone.

Unfamiliar language

Dart is a distinctive programming language that is used by Flutter. This language is hardly widely used. Developers will therefore want the language specifically when they begin to design flutter applications.

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It is clear that flutter has more benefits than drawbacks. Without a doubt, you can switch to flutter and take use of their advantages at once. Flutter is unquestionably the foundation for future mobile applications. Since Google is behind it, it can do no wrong. Find a flutter app development firm here. NYL technologies, however, can complete the task for you. We assist you in using flutter to quickly create future-proof apps.

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