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Do you know why people are adopting to use an on-demand app? On-demand app for online laundry service, like Cleanly or Rinse? With increasing disposable income and a busy lifestyle, people prefer to get things done using an app. We found a report by Grand View Research, a company that provides accurate industry analysis and market, with interesting information. It states that the global dry-cleaning & laundry services market size was valued at USD 60.88 billion in 2019 and is projected to show annual growth of 3.4% from 2020-2027.

After realizing the potential of on-demand laundry services in his city and country, one of our clients from USA approached us with an idea.

An idea of on-demand laundry app development. The idea was to develop a laundry app called Laundry Street that will bring laundry and dry cleaning services to the doorstep. After successfully completing online laundry service app project, we realized our development experience can help laundry service provider who is planning to get their business online and develop Android or iOS-based mobile applications to grow their laundry business.

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COVID-19 has changed the way people do even the most basic activities including laundry. Why will anyone risk going out when the laundry services cater to them, right at their doorstep? Of course, with safety precautions. This is the reason why the online on-demand laundry and dry cleaning delivery service market has gained momentum.

Whether you are a laundry owner or an aggregator planning to develop an app, this is the best time to do so. This market is showing amazing potential for future growth.

  • Research and Markets reported that the global dry-cleaning and laundry services market is expected to show a growth rate of 10.9% reach a valuation to nearly $180 billion by 2022.
  • You can see the growth of the US online laundry service market in this graph by Grandview Research.
online laundry service

But, why has the demand surged so much in such a little time? We’ll tell you about the benefits to answer this question.

What are the Benefits of Online Laundry Service?

We think that some real-life examples will help you understand better. So, here are some of the benefits that our client received due to the online laundry business – Laundry Street.

benefits of online laundry service

1. Enhances Convenience

The main purpose of developing any mobile laundry service app should be user-oriented. If the user finds the application favorable, the developers and owners automatically get the benefits. These days, both partners in a family are working. If there are kids in a family, the workload increases exponentially. This leaves no time to do a load of laundry.

An online laundry service can offer to pick up and deliver clothes along with washing them. Laundry Street app provides a range of different services from detergent washing to dry clean and petrol wash. The customers also have the option to call delivery drivers to pick up and deliver clothes at their convenience.

2. Increases Safety 

With increased awareness of social distancing, people try not to go out of the house too much. The main concern here is safety. EasyClean has helped the people in Saudi Arabia to get their clothes cleaned by dry cleaners without having to go to the laundry room.

You can do the same for your customers.

3. Promotes Local Laundries

There are a lot of different laundries in the area. If the business needs to stand out, they need to do something unique. The laundry owners can promote their business by paying to get featured on the app. We have made it possible on Laundry Street.

Further, there is a review and rating feature that helps to showcase the quality of the owner’s services. This way, the laundry owners can promote their business easily.

4. Better Management

If the laundry owners are still using traditional ways to manage their business operations, it is time to change. A laundry app like Cleanly and Laundry Street helps in managing every order with precision. We integrated a feature to verify the clothes received in delivery by the driver. This feature helps to verify whether the garments are as described or not.

Further, My Earnings section helps to keep a track of all the earnings made by the delivery driver as well as the owner.

5. Generates Revenue

Whether you are a laundry owner or an aggregator that has gathered different laundry shops on the app, laundry apps can help generate revenue easily. Our client is an aggregator who developed Laundry Street for multiple laundries in the area. This app made it possible for the laundries to get new customers and the client to earn a commission from the laundries.

Take a look at how online laundry services are superior to offline laundry services.

Online Laundry ServicesOffline Laundry Services
– Convenient for the customers
– Safe in the times of COVID-19
– Promotes business growth
– Better management with reduced paperwork
– Inconvenient for busy customers
– Risk of getting infected
– Business growth is slow
– Mismanagement of orders

Now comes the second question, how to start laundry business or “I want to develop an app, but how do I proceed?“. Here is your answer.

How to Make an On-demand Laundry App?

  1. Project Plan

    “Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” -Alan Lakein. The first step for doing anything new is planning after you get the idea. Once you have thought of an idea, you need to work on the details. You need to answer some questions like:
    • What purpose does the app fulfill?
    • What type of features do you want in your app?
    • Who are your competitors and what can you do better than them?
    • What unique functionalities do you need in the app?
  2. Budget Planning

    Now that you have a better idea of your requirements, and how you want to build a laundry app, you can plan your budget. Your budget needs to be aligned with your requirements. If you need a simple app with only the necessary features, your budget will be less. If you need a unique app with advanced features, the budget will be more.If you need to know how much budget you should allocate for your project, we can give you a free quote. Just contact us and tell us a bit about your project.
  3. Project Scope

    After deciding on your requirements and budget, the next step is to create a project scope. You need to plan how much budget and resources you will allocate for everything from app development to deployment. You need to hire one of the best mobile development companies that have experience in developing such apps so that you do not face any issues in the duration. Then, you can discuss all the formalities like signing an NDA for mobile app idea and Terms and Conditions.
  4. Development

    The laundry mobile app development company, like ours, then appoints experienced app developers and designers for your project. The app designers create design mock-ups and prototypes by following the best design practices and get them approved by you. Then the developers develop the app as per your requirements.Our Quality Assurance team checks for any bugs in the app and gets them fixed. The end product developed by our team is 100% bug-free and runs smoothly on all platforms and devices.
  5. Deployment

    The last step in the process is to deploy the app on the platforms like Apple App Store and Google Play store. We will provide all the data and documentation of the app before deploying it. In fact, we take care of all the formalities required by the app marketplace if you need us to.If you are confused about which features you need in an on-demand laundry service app, this next part will help you out.

Key Features of an App for Online Laundry Service

Before jumping to features of laundry service, you need to understand that there isn’t just one app. There are different components of the entire online laundry app solution. Even if you are planning to build software or app for laundry business there will be multiple components to develop like admin panel, client panel, laundry owner panel, depending upon the business requirements.

If you are an aggregator, your app for online laundry service will have 4 components: Customer/User App, Laundry Owner App, Driver App, Admin Panel. While, if you are a laundry owner, you might just need only 3 components by combining the laundry owner app features in the admin panel. It depends on your requirement.

Before we begin, these are just the key features that you will need in your app and website. If you want to see the features in detail, you can check out our Laundry Street App.

Technology Stack

PlatformAndroid, iOS and Web
LanguageJava, Swift and PHP
SMS GatewayTwilio
Order UpdatesSocket.io

Let’s see laundry app features of all of three components one by one.

Customer App

1. Search

This allows the users to search for any laundry service or dry cleaners nearby. They just need to enter the name of the laundry and find out if the laundry is available or not. You can also integrate the voice search function if you need it.

2. Filters

The filters help the user to look for laundry that is suitable for their needs. In Laundry Street, we have integrated filters like Distance From Me (3km to 8 km), Desired Services (Ironing, Dry Clean, Detergent Wash, Petrol Wash), Average Rating (1-5), Delivery Service Type (Express or Standard Delivery).

3. Schedule Pick Up and Delivery

This feature lets the customer choose the time and address for pick up and delivery of their clothes. In Laundry Street, we have integrated features such that the users can choose a self-pickup and/or delivery too.

4. Track Driver

This feature uses GPS technology and helps the users to track the driver who is coming to pick up or deliver the garments to the customer or the laundry shop.

5. Order History

This feature is for the customers to keep a track of each and every order that they make. They can see the charges, service type, number, and type of garments.

laundry app development

Delivery Driver App

1. My Orders

This screen shows all the active and incoming orders to the driver. The driver can choose to accept or reject any order based on his availability.

2. Track Route

After the driver receives an address to pick up or deliver the garments, he starts his trip. He can see the map view and track his route using this app.

3. Manage Earnings

This feature helps the driver to keep a record of all the money he has earned in the app itself.

Laundry Owner App

1. Laundry Details

The laundry owner needs to put his details into the app like the name of the laundry, working hours, address, type of services they offer, the rate for every service as per the garment, and so on.

2. Order Details

The laundry needs to have access to the order details that the customer has made. The details include everything from the type of clothes, to the number of clothes and billing addresses.

3. Track Drivers

The laundry owners also have the option to track the driver when he is on the way to pick up or deliver an order. This helps to know if the drivers reach the wrong destination.

4. Manage Earnings

Using this feature, the owners can keep a track of their earning within the app itself.

Admin Panel

1. Manage Orders

This feature lets the admin keep a record of all the orders that the customers make. He can assign these orders to another driver if one driver rejects them

2. Manage Drivers

The admin has access to all the information of the driver. The admin verifies the driver’s details before accepting his profile request.

3. Manage Laundries

Same as drivers, the admin has access to the laundry’s information. The admin can send any message to any of the laundries to convey something.

4. Manage Earnings

The admin can manage the earnings of the drivers and the laundries. He can take his commission and decide which driver and laundry get how much percentage of the total amount.

Online laundry service

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