Hire Dedicated Developers and Boost Your Business – Here’s the Why, When, and How

Here’s a legendary myth:

Hiring a dedicated development team is like digging a big hole in your pocket. It comes with a cold layer of confusion between the in-house and outsourced team, communication barriers, unaffordable prices, fading team spirit, and so on.

And here’s the bonafide myth-buster/fact:

Such stereotypes are downright incorrect. Once you look past them, you can actually leverage an abundance of benefits by choosing to hire dedicated developers.

Let’s find out how:

A dedicated software development team can support your business with cutting-edge tech solutions and considerable domain expertise.

According to a worldwide survey by McKinsey in 2020, 90% of C-suite managers or executives are facing increasing skill gaps within their organizations.

Hence, hiring employees who can effectively meet your business objectives is becoming more and more difficult today.

The software development industry does not play by other rules in this matter.

Even before a couple of years, the most in-demand positions in the IT industry were the roles of software developers, with 95,200 open job postings by the end of September.

Consequently, the lack of potential software talent leads to a skill shortage that tech companies are struggling with.

But if we look on the brighter side, dedicated development teams are well-seasoned to be the white hats in critical situations.

We will share information on how you can hire a dedicated development team and scale up business.

So, if you are one of those aspiring entrepreneurs whose mind is full of innovative ideas to create a solid online presence. Keep scrolling as you are about to learn how dedicated resources can help you in this regard.

Who are Dedicated Developers?

Let’s understand this with a simple metaphor.

A dedicated software development team is analogically similar to food delivery services as you leverage their services with a particular price, and they bring you food right at your door. You basically get what you need without doing any work. And you also skipped a big chunk of the required tasks that we usually have to do to get our stomachs fed.

Did you get the point? Let’s understand this in little technical terms now.

If you hire dedicated developers, a group of well-qualified developers with various skills will take on your software project to build the product you need. The aim is to create the right strategic plan for successful software development.

But in its essence, a dedicated team goes much beyond creating software as per project needs as outsourced developers can actually help you meet your business goals. Their skills seamlessly complement your project objectives, and they utilize the best tech stack for the job.

In a nutshell, you get an adequately structured development team without having to go through the hassles of the hiring and recruitment process. A dedicated software development team, apart from software developers, includes (but is not limited to) – project managers, business analysts, UI/UX designers, and QA engineers.

When Should You Hire Dedicated Developers?

Hiring and creating an in-house development team is a time- and effort-consuming process. As a result, many organizations are opting for outsourced teams for their software needs.

Additionally, if you want to get a one-word answer to how you can cut the overall cost of software development, a dedicated team is the best bet.

But the more important question is, are you aware of the surefire signs that tell you when you must hire an offshore team? Well, let’s go through some of those critical scenarios:

1. You need urgent software solutions that are out of your league

Immediate development needs often lead to overwhelming costs. But you can save your company from such increasing loss by hiring dedicated developers and lowering the schedule variance.

You can even outsource your project to nations with fewer labor expenses where you need to pay the developers on an hourly basis. Moreover, if you hire dedicated programmers, they can offer you enough flexibility to implement changes at any given time.

2. You lack the talent pool with the required skills

Since the IT world is constantly changing, it’s not always possible to have an in-house team that does not have the needed skill or resources to execute software project delivery. This is the point dedicated developers come into sight.

So, if your organization lack the talent pool to create the software you need, dedicated developers have the required skill to efficiently accomplish the task, along with industry knowledge and the needed expertise in the latest technologies.

3. You have an unclear project with changing scope

One of the biggest challenges tech companies deal with is a longer development time due to undefined and unclear project scope. In such scenarios, a dedicated development team can help you understand the nitty-gritty of a project, including its goals, timeline, tasks, team structure, and so on.

4. You can’t properly utilize technology

Each day, a myriad of cutting-edge technologies and tools are getting released into the market. So, surviving in this intensely competitive environment requires you to leverage the true power of trending technologies so that you can upgrade your project.

Hence, if your in-house team does not have the resources to keep up with modern technologies, you can hire dedicated developers to tackle this issue.

5. You’re struggling to speed up your time to market

From the time you conceptualize your product till the time you release it in the market, completing your project within the estimated deadline is a matter of pride and reputation for your organization.

So, if your in-house team is not able to handle complex and large-scale projects, dedicated development teams got your back to finish projects as efficiently as needed.

6. Your project has a low budget

In case managing a team of in-house developers is proving to be an expensive affair for you, you can reduce software development costs with dedicated programmers. Hiring these professionals does not dig a big hole in your pocket. It will also enable you to skip a significant amount of resources that you would otherwise spend on the recruitment process.

Benefits You’ll Reap If You Hire Dedicated Developers

No one believes in the efficiency of a service or product unless we witness the direct advantages it provides. This is why understanding the glaring benefits of hiring a dedicated development team becomes highly crucial for any business owner like you.

Although the primary reason for hiring dedicated resources (70%) is cost-saving, there are other tangible benefits that clearly contribute to the increasing growth of the IT outsourcing industry ($97 billion in the upcoming 4 years).

Let’s discover what efficient dedicated developers bring to the table:

benefits of hiring dedicated developers

1. Cost-Effectiveness

More often than not, every organization in general leverages outsourcing services from particular regions with great profitability. Hence, one of the undeniable benefits of hiring dedicated developers and keeping a continuous partnership with them is lower labor costs.

In fact, the traditional hiring process, on top of your teams’ salary, is a treacherous task that definitely calls for throwing money down the drain. A dedicated team clearly comes in handy in such scenarios.

2. Skillful Specialists

If you hire dedicated developers, a group of experts will sign up for your software project. You even have the opportunity to hand-pick those having a particular skill set fitting for the task.

Note that we are not saying you will not find suitable developers in your country but hiring a remote team will help save your money and time to a great extent.

3. Reduced Risk

A dedicated development team consists of varied capabilities and resources responsibilities that you might not be entirely aware of or understand in detail. You may do your research and read a lot of articles to come up with the best tech stack or project strategy, but only a dedicated development team can identify your potential drawbacks and suggest the best-fitted software project management practices.

Such a constructive approach certainly leads to an error/risk-free development process where your team knows their stuff and cleat-cut goals that they need to accomplish for your project.

4. Time-Saving

Time-saving is another great factor you can take advantage of if you choose to hire dedicated developers from distinguished companies. You don’t have to deal with obsolete documents and paperwork, nor do you have to worry about your organizational issues if you hire dedicated development team. Just communicate your requirements with them, and the rest they will take care of.

5. Top-Quality Results

With only surface management from your end, developers will responsively and efficiently work on your software needs. The prime objective is to provide you with the best-in-class solutions with top-quality software.

Hence, you can rest assured that your software project is in safe hands and a group of seasoned professionals is working on our desired outcomes.

6. Digital Transformation

The biggest reason to hire dedicated resources is to keep up with the latest software development trends. A lot of business owners are not that tech-savvy. An outsourced software partner can introduce you to an entire ecosystem of digital assets and tools that will facilitate your business growth. Along with catering to your software needs, dedicated developers can help you stay up-to-the-minute and upgrade with market demands.

Top Platforms to Hire Dedicated Developers

From South-East Asia to North America, you can find dedicated developers scattered all over the world. Each company has its own competence that can influence your project in a number of ways. Hence, finding the perfect one can be a laborious and confusing task for you.

To help you with this, here we have mentioned some of the best mediums to look for a dedicated development team. Check them out:

1. Software Outsourcing Firms

Generally, software companies that offer remote development services are the most useful when it comes to hiring expert developers.

These organizations are like a bridge between those looking for software developers and those looking to develop software. Moreover, developers are most likely to pass all the screening tests to prove their expertise, ensuring that your project is in safe hands.

Additionally, you can access different feedback and reviews platforms, such as TopDevelopers, IT Firms, Clutch, GoodFirms, etc., to explore different agencies and hire dedicated developers as per your business needs.

2. Search Engines

You can seek dedicated resources on Google or any other search engine as an alternative. Once you get the search results, you can check ratings and reviews to get insights into their performance and efficiency.

Furthermore, there are many bidding websites and job boards on which you can post your software requirements and get adequate results.

3. References

Lastly, you can take suggestions from your references or from those companies that opted for dedicated developers in recent times. Their experiences and recommendations can really help you with how to hire and manage dedicated developers.

However, be careful to consider their project types and check whether the criteria fit your requirements or not.

How to Hire Dedicated Developers for the Best Result?

Once you have chosen the top companies for outsourcing your project, it’s time to compare and contrast each of them. Mentioned below are some key factors that you should follow for hiring the best-dedicated developers for your organization.

1. Portfolio

A portfolio of a company usually contains all the information of its previous projects. Hence, have a look at the projects the company executed before or the clients it worked for to know whether it’s a right fit for your task.

You can also get in touch with past clients of the firm and know their experiences.

2. Location

Location is a critical criterion for choosing an offshore partner.

For example, if you hire dedicated development team from western companies (in Europe, North America), it would be a bit more expensive compared to those in Asia or Latin America.

Then again, while working hours and setting up meetings will be comparatively easy with nearshore outsourcing, hiring developers from India or China would require quite a drastic adjustment with your sleep schedule.

3. Expertise

Developers of a competent firm must have deep knowledge of trending technologies, platforms, tools, and software development methodologies. Based on your business requirements, they should be able to put forward the best solution.

Hence, domain expertise and technical capacity are necessary to develop a successful product. Consider going through client testimonials, case studies, certificates, etc., to validate your selection.

4. Security

The most common concern that every company faces on the same level is probably security.

So, before you hire dedicated resources, we would suggest you go through the contract again and again to ensure you know everything with great clarity. Your offshore partner must align with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) policy and address all the system vulnerabilities like data loss and network security.

5 Big Companies that Hire Dedicated Developers

hire dedicated developers

Here we are mentioning five corporate leaders that understood one essential truth – outsourcing the work that’s not your cup of tea is an effective way to save money and grow faster.

Businesses, irrespective of their size and location, choose to hire dedicated professionals, most of whom you are very familiar with. Here are some examples of organizations that outsource:

1. Google

Despite its size, Google understands that its team can’t do it all. It has been outsourcing its non-core works like IT and admin functions, email support for AdWords and other products, development needs, etc.

2. Alibaba

Although this company could reduce its resource and manufacturing costs, its teams lack the needed skill for software projects. Therefore, they hire dedicated development team from local regions who work on their websites and bring the best result in each area.

3. Basecamp

Although Basecamp has been helping other businesses manage their work and project, workflow and product improvisation was something their internal team needed to work on. For this reason, this company remote development teams from all over the world to optimize and improve their products.

4. Skype

Skype picked Estonia to hire dedicated programmers from and found solutions to a lot of problems, including cutting down costs, solving capacity issues, and most importantly, accessing a rich pool of skill and talent. They were also able to maintain solid outsourcing partnerships, which is why Microsoft bought Skype in 2011.

5. Slack

In the case of Slack, they understood the importance of software testing for a product business, but somehow, they did not have the proper resources to do the task. Hence, they partnered with an outsourcing firm to get the needed feedback on what’s working and what’s not.

Why You Should Hire Dedicated Developers from Trident?

The list of reasons and benefits of hiring a dedicated development team is only the tip of the iceberg.

Today, the question of whether or not you should hire dedicated software developers is almost irrelevant. Organizations that strive to compete on a universal scale must look for the most useful and cost-effective strategies possible, and hiring dedicated resources is high up on that list. It is not unclear at all that regardless of the service of the business and its size, there are benefits that they can leverage by outsourcing.

Across the globe, companies have started to understand this notion to an ever-greater degree. They have recognized and grasped the fact that they should leave non-core functions to experts so that they are better able to focus on what their business actually aimed to do.

At Trident, we have been helping our clients to leverage hire dedicated developers services for over 6 years. Our team of developers, analysts, and engineers can work with you to understand your software needs and how our solutions can benefit your organization. We can build a strategy that makes sense and helps you reap benefits in efficiency and cost.

Rest assured, your project will be in safe hands!

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