shipping rate by cities plugin allows you to calculate shipping rates based on the customer’s zipcode. It provides a user-friendly interface to set up different shipping rates for different zipcodes. This plugin is ideal for businesses that have specific shipping rates for different regions.

Set different shipping rates for individual zipcodes you enter.
Import/Export Shiprate Table
Define a default shipping rate for zipcode that are not included in your custom shiprate table.
The plugin provides a download button to get a sample CSV file that you can use as a template for importing your shiprate table.
The plugin includes a checkbox that allows you to multiply the shipping rate by the product quantity.
screenshot-1 (1)
ZIP Code Input: Provide a text input field on the checkout page where the user can enter their ZIP code.
ZIP Code Validation: When the user enters a ZIP code, validate it against the list of predefined ZIP codes.
Default Shipping Rate for Other ZIP Codes: If the ZIP code is not in the predefined list, apply a default shipping rate or a custom rate specific for unlisted ZIP codes.
ZIP Code Lookup: When a user enters a ZIP code, fetch the corresponding shipping rate from the plugin settings and display it on the checkout page.
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