shipping rate by cities plugin allows you to set custom shipping rates based on cities in your WordPress WooCommerce store. It provides a flexible solution for configuring shipping costs specific to different cities, giving you greater control over your shipping options.

Set different shipping rates for individual cities you choose.
Import/Export Shiprate Table
Define a default shipping rate for cities that are not included in your custom shiprate table.
The plugin provides a download button to get a sample CSV file that you can use as a template for importing your shiprate table.
The plugin includes a checkbox that allows you to multiply the shipping rate by the product quantity.
Fetch Cities: Retrieve the list of cities entered in the plugin settings and populate a dropdown menu on the checkout page with these cities.
Default Option: Include an option like "Other" at the end of the dropdown list to allow the user to input a city that is not in the predefined list.
City Selection: When a user selects a city from the dropdown, update the shipping rate displayed on the checkout page according to the predefined rates.
Default Shipping Rate: If the user selects "Other" and inputs a city not listed, apply a default shipping rate or a custom rate specific for unlisted cities.
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